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    Hi all,

    I haven't posted much over the past 2 weeks because I've been madly putting the finishing touches on the web application myself and a small team have been building - "PhotoMerchant".
    What is PhotoMerchant?

    PhotoMerchant is an online sales, workflow and presentation tool that allows photographers to sell their photos online. Imagine being able to setup all your print sizes, paper types, options and products you wish to offer, as well as various discounts like volume, earlybird and coupon discounts. Then, adding shopping cart functionality along with credit card processing facilities to your own website, or if you don’t have a website, using the one that PhotoMerchant automatically creates for you. This is what PhotoMerchant does. It actually does more, and you can read below for more detail.
    PhotoMerchant can integrate with your own website to turn it into a fully fledged e-commerce photography site where you can sell your photos and manage customers as well as handle orders, payments, printing and shipping. In the not too distant future PhotoMerchant will also be integrating with a number of Professional Printing Houses around the globe as well as providing post processing services and a host of other value-add features.
    If you are interested in having a “first look” at PhotoMerchant and also helping us test the alpha version, send me a PM.

    We're trying to make it easy to sell your photos online! But we need some help

    We're planning to launch an alpha 1 testing phase on April the 2nd. At this stage we're looking for people who are interested in testing the product and putting it through it's paces.

    I'd really appreciate it if people from were involved in the testing of PhotoMerchant because I know you all love photography!

    Anyhoo, you can read about all the details here: . This page also contains details on how to signup to become a tester!

    Note: this is not a marketing post! This is genuine, we want your help, you're the photographers that will hopefully use the product and so we want you to test it first to make sure it will be up to scratch come launch!

    Thanks in advance...


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