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billy harrison

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Jan 27, 2021
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simi valley california
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i came across this forum today and signed up to join, but it seems that i am already a member. when i got my last camera i was looking around for info and must have come here before.
i have been studying my lumix fz80 for a couple of seasons. last year i kicked into high gear and really dove headfirst into learning my camera. in dec. 2020 i bought a lumix fz1000. easy to learn after the fz80.
we have a park in simi with plenty of birds to shoot so i am practicing with my gear. plus learning on youtube has been inspirational.
i feel i am ready to learn photography. hopefully a can learn from some of you and maybe even find friends to shoot with.
Welcome back.
Hello and welcome back! Happy shooting! Don't forget to post your images.

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