alternatives to sx-70 blend? and other thoughts.

Discussion in 'Film Discussion and Q & A' started by montresor, May 7, 2007.

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    So I finished my first 20 shots of SX-70 blend and for the most part was pleased with the camera ("Clean me!" it pleads) and not displeased with the film, but after the IRS got through with me this April (a big thanks-for-nothing to my employer's payroll service!), I'm on the no-oxygen budget till the end of the year at least. Anyway, the double pack of Blend is suddenly looking mighty expensive -- at $40, it's twice what I got the SX-70 for. Are their cheaper alternatives? I've seen pages online that outline techniques for modifying packs of other Polaroid films to fit the SX-70, and glomming a ND filter onto the front of the lens, but I wonder about how effective this really is, if it's easy, or if I'm going to be messing up the camera.

    BTW, Walker Evans was right about this camera! His words could be applied to digital shooting today, too. "It makes things awfully easy to have that thing pop out. It reduces everything to your brains and taste. It interests me very much, too, because I feel that if you have these things in your head, this is the instrument that will really test it. The damn thing will do anything you point it at. You have to really know something before you dare point it anywhere. You have to know what you're pointing it at, and why -- even if it's only instinctive."

    Makes me want to flee to the relative safety of LF!

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    :lol: Funny! I'm sure you're doing just fine with it, though. Are you going to post some of your shots with that film? I'd like to see them.

    I really doubt you'll be doing any damage to your camera if you use other 600 pack films and just follow the directions for modified use. They're less expensive, I'm sure, but you do have that film speed factor to pay attention to (and will have to get a ND filter if you don't have one). If that's not a big deal to you, then sure, try it and save the bucks.

    Now, go clean those rollers! :razz:

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