Am I right in selling my medium format camera?

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by citizenk, Feb 11, 2006.

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    Last portrait shots I've made brought me up to a conclusion that nearly terrified me: maybe my beloved mamiya RZ is not worth keeping, at least for the kind of subjects I usuallly shoot.
    I came across this conclusion comparing shots made in the same session, using my mamiya rz with a provia 100 film and a canon 20D: even scanning the film at a lab with an Imacon Flextight, I couldn't notice more dynamic range in the film and I got more detail in the canon shots rather than the film ones, and I'm just using a 20D, not a 5 or 1Ds!

    I came to the conlcusion that since I'm not into landscape shooting (in wich I still believe medium and large formats have their key points) maybe it's time to let my mamiya kit go to upgrade to a better DSLR and buy a eos 3 for BW work...

    I've read a lot on various websites about the debate "film vs digital", "dslr vs medium format" and I'd like to have a direct advice from someone that may have faced the same conclusion;

    you can see the shots I'm talking about at:

    or you can have a look at the gallery of my site to have an Idea of wich kind of subjects I shoot most often

    thanks in advance, I know mine maybe an old, boring question but I'd really like to have your opinion

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    at work...

    Welcome to the forum!

    It's completely up to what you want. I shoot with both but stay with the DSLR when we're shooting for clients and keep film as backup. I don't know if I'd sell the medium format because you never know when you'll need it, but that's just me. I like them both for different reasons and just like to have them both readily available.

    I don't know if that helps at all.

    On a side note, I checked out your site and you have some phenominal work there.

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