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Nov 13, 2007
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So I usually do TP* shoots because this is not my "day job". I do it for fun. However... when I have to rent a space, or buy/rental any specific props, costumes, make up, etc.... I do split the cost with the "models" I am shooting. They know up front there is a cost, I break down the cost to them, and I also pay my share. I RARELY make a profit, and that is by choice.

Well honestly, people act like im asking soooooooooooooooooo much, and frankly it really pisses me off. If i charged for time.... people really have no idea how much goes into a shoot, and they have NO CLUE how much time goes into the post processing sometimes. And I dont even charge for that!

Can we all tell Mya is a little frustrated??
Well look at it two ways...
1. If you are expanding their portfolio, or they are wanting you to shoot them for a specific reason and theme, then they should pay because they are getting something from it.

2. If you are doing a shoot specificlly for you, then no they shouldn't.
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If they are not for your own personal use I think you are going easy on them, frankly I'd make them bring their own damn props. I don't shoot people so I am just a nobody throwin a couple pennies around but still, you are not wrong in splitting the cost to help build their resume.
If you are trying for a zero sum then you ARE loosing money.

Not only your time in Post but the wear and tear on your equipment and the possibility of damage or theft. If you are trying to not loose money then you need to charge.
jsut remember that there are many people out there who are just after a freebee and ones they have it zoom they are off! They will try to take any advantage they can and make you feel bad about charging them (they are so poor - no hope - nearly a begger - kids to feed, etc...).
Just stick to your stance and be professional with them - sure some are going to walk away from you, but in the end you don't those sorts anyway
If you hit the ones that do not want to share in the costs, move on to the next person/model/MUA. Personally, I would not even call them back if there later was a free shoot, unless they told me they were an unemployed mom of 22 kids with 4 budgees, 9 dogs and 1.5 cats that needed to be fed at the same time.

Being clear up front is the key here. Heck, our club is ready to share costs as a group and that opens way more doors for us (there is power in numbers... lol) that a single photographer out there all alone.
If the shoot is for them, and they need something specific, they should be paying all of the rental charges. I wouldn't even think twice about telling them that. As long as you let thenm know before hand, they shouldn't *****.
Thank you all! And yes the shoot is for them. And heres the scenario:

A few girls (actually about 6) wanted to take photos to build their port up. I have done a TFCD shoot with them prior. They wanted something gritty and grungy. I can do that. So I found a PERFECT location, perfect costumes, and MUA for it. All of which they KNEW i was doing and they knew they may charge. Well all three of those DID charge. Basically, if we all spilt the cost, it came out to around 40 each. $40!!!!!!! All of a sudden they are like "Oh, well thats not really in my budget" and "well, i dont get paid until next week" So now, since they are all friends, none of them are doing it. Here I am left looking like an idiot to the location owner and MUA! The only good thing is that all thee "vendors" required payment upon arrival, so im not out any $$. But I spent about a week planning this whole thing... AND TOOK OFF WORK FOR IT! Very upset, frustrated and very discouraged... can you tell???
When you deal with amateurs, expect them to act as such. Heck, even the odd professional will give you that kinda attitude, so I would say get used to it and move on.

In the future, know what the costs will be and you can tell them up front. That way you don't do all the leg work setting it up and no one shows. Also, don't be afraid to tell them professional results requires professionals... and they rarely if ever work for free.
I would expect she gets experience and the shots for her portfolio... at the very least!
Trouble is, that in the scenario described, I'm not sure you are doing it for fun. I can see what they get out of it, but what do you perceive you are gaining for all your effort?


Not sure about TP... (toilet paper??? :lol: )

TFCD = "Trade for CD" of the pics

MUA = Make Up Artist.

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