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Aug 17, 2013
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I live in Arkansas and have always been interested in photography. Now that I am retired, I have time to pursue it. A few years ago, I bought a Canon Rebel Xsi. I have had great fun just using the auto setting. Now that I have found this forum, I am looking forward to learning all about this camera.
Welcome to the site, I grew up in Batesville a long time ago, back when Arkansas summers were really hot.
:thumbup: Welcome to TPF Inez! :camera:

A great source of info about your camera is the users manual. The users manual describes the cameras features you have available to work with.
Welcome to the site.
Welcome, Inez! Please check out our Gallery section, where you can post your work. I look forward to seeing your stuff! :)
Wow how exciting - you have so many fun times ahead!
Hello and welcome to the forum!

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