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Jul 31, 2013
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Hello everyone, been perusing this site for a couple weeks now and thought I would introduce myself. I've been a photographer for about 11 years, basically ever since my eldest daughter was born. I was unimpressed with the photography studios in my area and knew I could do a better job. Photography for me is a love / hate relationship, I never stop thinking or "seeing" pictures, but sometimes put my gear down for months at a time. I either get frustrated, bored or find something else that sparks my interest. I am happily married for 12 years and have 3 beautiful children, 2 girls (10 & 2) and 1 little boy who is 3...They are what really drive me to take pictures, I just want to capture all the little moments... I also take photo's of friends and family, but never really have been "paid". I don't think I'll ever get to that point, not sure I really want that kind of pressure. Anyway, by day I am a IT Manager for a major manufacturing company, which keeps me extremely busy.

I like all realms of photography, but tend to lean towards people and more specifically head shots. Not sure why, but eyes are what intrigue me the most and the only way to see into someones eyes is to get close. I've been on several other forums and just thought I would try out something new.


Well I've tried several forums too and I'm sticking to this one (along with Nikonites :p). Hope you stay too...

A tip for when the flame of photography isn't burning: get a good mirrorless camera as your next investment and keep it on you at all times. Just having a small little system will make you capture mundane things which you used to walk by in an interesting way and soon you will love photography again. Either that or try something new, I moved from Africa where I loved wildlife to Sydney where the elephants are a lot harder to find. I'm now getting more into landscapes and portraiture. Additionally, I started shooting 35mm for fun and am loving it.

Hope to see some of your stuff soon :)
What part of Missouri are you from?
Welcome to the site.
Hello and welcome to the forum Jeff!
Welcome to TPF! I hope you check out our Gallery section - and post some of your work. Missouri is a beautiful state, lots of photo ops there! :)

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