Amateur Photographer hoping to become Professional


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Feb 19, 2016
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Hi Guys

I'm not completely new but i am an Amateur photographer. Still trying to get a hang of everything in photography. Always looking to learn new things and advice for when taking photos.
Started a small business for photography and hoping to expand in to something much bigger. So please be patient with me if I dont understand anything and hope to have the warm welcomes of the photographic community here.
I haven't seen your work so I can't judge but please know that you are one of hundreds every year that come here with similar first posts. Some just having bought a first camera and haven't mastered it yet.

Being a professional photographer isn't the easy peasy to riches that it looks like. Making a profit is pretty damn hard. Frankly I'd say there's a 99% failure rate these days but that's mostly because people begin undertaking a commercial proposition before they've even mastered the art or have the proper equipment to fulfill the requirement.
Being a professional photographer is 99% understanding business and 1% being an amazing photographer. Best of luck to you

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