Ameture work. Opinions of improvement wanted.


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Apr 18, 2006
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C.Daprix 2006

* I dodged the bottom half with the enlarger while making this a print. Let me know if you can tell.
Your exposure in general needs to be longer, possibly with a higher filter for contrast... i wouldn't dodge the bottom too much... it's quite noticable.
Oh no, it's already been dodged because the bottom was barely visable.
I think your B&W treatment lacks of contrast : it's a bit "greyed" (not sure of the word... if it does not exist, then I just created it ;) ). Your black values are not really black, and same for the white values.
Concerning the composition, I'd say that the main subject is not so evident. I mean I don't see what you want to show. The structure of the roof makes me think that you wanted something graphic, but there are too few graphic elements to give that effect. (But this is only my point)
needs to be lighter with more contrast. expose for dark areas rather than the white of the light coming in.
I agree it needs more contrast, but if they added any the bottom half wouldn't be visible again.

I have no idea what I'm looking at when I look at this shot. Is it the crowd? If so what part of the crowd? Right now all I'm looking at is that huge thing blocking the arch of windows. Try a different angle next time.

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