An Exhibition in HCMC, Vietnam

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    We have seen the poor, the disabled, the war and accident victims and too many heart-wrenching and beautiful children in Vietnam, Cambodia and China to count.

    We are trying, through photography, to honestly and without judgment share a sliver of their lives and to snatch a glimpse of their world.

    We know there is so much more that we could do for them and we want to help.

    How? Awareness through photography.

    As such, we are trying to organize a photo exhibition in HCMC, Vietnam, to show more people what we all see but are often too uncomfortable to acknowledge.

    If you are interested in this subject and have the courage to submit some photos for future display in HCMC, please contact us.

    Contact information:

    Matt Ferguson
    HCMC, Vietnam
    Cell: + 84 (0) 907-155-872

    Nicole Feng Wei
    Photographer and Assistant to Matt
    HCMC, Vietnam
    Cell: + 84 (0) 938-173-480


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