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Jan 21, 2006
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just some more 'quickies' of some cem crows. This time showing some behavioral patterns of thier lifestyle hangin out at graveyards. They're not great shots (all different sizes and wot not) but i thought you may be interested in seeing what they get up to............

The call of the male........ is well... LOUD!


Sharpening the beak is a popular passtime......


Another one calling from a high spot..... think his throat's hurting or something....


Oi your on my patch!......


These ones were real interesting to see..... a carnivorous lunch!..... man, if only i had the right light on these i could have got my best crow shots ever.... but as it was, the sun was right in my eyes and when i tried moving it spooked him...... but for a moment he DID sit on top of the stone with the mouse in its mouth..... would have been perfect!



Then he flew off..... im not even sure which way round i shot this :lol:


This is how thier eyes look when the light catches them.....


....and this is the best shot i got of the call.... you can see how his feathers are ruffled while its pulling back from the skwark.....


Thanks for checkin em out :)
Wow, Arch. These are sooo cool. You have this gang of crows there, and Im fighting to find one.
TCT....glad to see you here. Bout time you came to the darkside.
angel... these are so cool..and i love the little play by play you add with it..

the one clearing his throat is hilarious... loved them all..

great job....
Nice shots and love the running commentary. Very entertaining.

How awesome that you caught the crow with its kill. In that second last one it looks like it's giving you the evil eye. I especially like #3, 6, 8 and 9. C'mon, post more!
Had to come see this again. The coolest stones man...Im thinking of making one to resemble the one in the 6th shot.
Thanks everyone :)

..... making one chiller?!..... can you do that?

.... your right tho.... im lucky to have the group of crows in this cem.... its just in this cem tho.... maybe cuz its so big and its next to a huge park area, they got enough room to breed and expand... and all my recent crow posts have all been from just one shoot.... and i got plenty more..... so im as supprised as anyone at that!
Wow. That is amazing. You have so many neat shots there. Nice work.

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