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An Introduction


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Sep 3, 2015
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Dublin, Ireland
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I've always been somewhat interested in photography but more so lately. I'm trying to get into film photography and just got my hands on a Pentax Spotmatic SP (which is older than my parents, nice).

What would you consider the main challenge in moving from digital to film photography?

Also, I'm Hannah, hello, nice to meet you.
Hello Hannah, my fellow TPF noob!

Maybe the biggest difference for me was the darkroom work, it takes so much patience and accuracy to produce any kind of pictures in there. Also a big change was the craftsman feeling I got when developing and printing in the darkroom, opposed to digital work where the computer did almost all the work for me!

EDIT: Though, darkroom work is not mandatory to start film photography, but I highly recommend picking it up.
Welcome, Hannah!

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