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An old photo


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Sep 11, 2007
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I took this one a while ago (can you guess where??)
The shopping cart bothers me but haven't had time to go reshoot it. Please be as honest as you can, you won't hurt my feelings!!
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That's pretty neat. I could see a whole series of jumping people like this. Cool idea. Yeah I'd like it better if the shopping cart wasn't there.

Can you post it directly into the thread? Use the yellow mountain icon and put the URL in there and it should work.

Hmm...on second thought.. I just tried it to see if it would and and showed up as a red x, so I'm not sure what the problem is.
lol target is right
and yeah i don't think i can directly post it
thanks for the post
The cart is important. Leave it. The shot is great. It's like craziness meets James Bond meets Target.
sorry I was long in seeing the responses... thanks for the advice! i am still a little hesitant to leave the cart but since other people like it i will keep it for now :)

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