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Discussion in 'Critique Forum Archives' started by Synergy, Jun 18, 2004.

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    Hi there!

    We we’ve had a cat portrait and here’s my dog portrait! The dog is called Molly and belongs to my Mum. Molly is a photogenic dog, but doesn’t like cameras pointed at her, usually because of the flash, so I felt quite lucky to get this shot. My own opinion of the shot is that the wooden leg (of a chair) is a distraction and it makes too much of a shadow on the right hand side, but on the other hand this does seem to make the picture more interesting as if with out the leg it would be too technically ideal…

    Any thoughts

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    Well, it's not so much the leg in the foreground that bothers me, but a couple of things in the background that simply are not blurred enough not to be distracting, like that electrical cord crossing that mattress and the pattern of the rug.

    Plus I'd like to see at least a tiny glint of light in her other eye. To me, one half of Molly's face is all black, apart from one eye lash or brow, whatever that is (brow, I think). But she looks like she's a one-eyed dog only, and that's what I don't like so much, either.

    I should add that Molly's a beautiful dog as she is!

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