Anheiser-Busch Stables

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Dec 14, 2005
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Doesn't really look like HDR processing was necessary for this scene. Composition seems a bit tight as well. Sorry, but this shot just doesn't do anything for me.
It was tight. It's hemmed in by buildings on three sides. This is a stitch. Of course, the objective is to make it look as though you didn't need to use an HDR. At least if you want it to look natural.
Yes, but that is only true for scenes that may require HDR to be applied. This scene doesn't seem like anything more than a single RAW image was needed.
Perhaps, but I had a P&S with me, and it worked better in HDR.
Perhaps if you posted the original he could see what was added or removed by the HDR processing.

The image appears to be very realistically processed and nicely done.
I need to stitch together the original shots, yes. There was also a very distracting mess of industrial pipes behind the stables, and I removed those prior to the HDR.

I just like the look of it, and yes, when you do a natural-looking HDR, it probably makes viewers wonder why you bothered in the first place. I usually don't tell people my realistic images are HDRs, just for that reason.
Did you go on the full tour? It's a pretty impressive operation. I used to haul out of there almost weekly when I was on OTR truck driver. Finally got to go back and take the tour last summer. Knowing the area you were shooting, that is a pretty good pic.
Yep. Took the tour. Pretty cool the way they put up some elegant architecture within and around a working brewery. Worth the time involved. But get there early; the parking is kinda sparse right now, because of construction.

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