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Sep 8, 2014
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Nicely done, except for that little bit of blown/nearly blown highlight on her forehead. To me, that really doesn't fit.
no excuse but i didn't want touch original light, but as final product i should not care, or should I?

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It's entirely up to you; were it my image, I would try and bring that little area down a bit. It's not a huge issue, but it is a detractor...
I think maybe letting the highlights on the skin overall go a little but brighter, more hot, more crisp, might work with this photo. I like seeing hotter, harder light on faces. I'm not sure that this reworked image really is better than the original. Anyway, I think the lighting appears a bit too soft and low in contrast to represent the drama! that this lighting scenario has. I think the brighter tones need to be brighter.
slightly different, hairs make me headache

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I love the light, but it's more a beautyshot then a portrait and for that reason I would work on her skin, separating frequency.

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