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Oct 26, 2003
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Brisbane, Australia
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I tagged along at a nightclub with a friend who photographs for Now for some reason inthemix photographers gravitate towards Nikons, all cameras, and naturally flashes too. I am peacefully enjoying a beer or two minding my friends equipment when I notice another in the mix photographer down in the crowd on the floor below using his flash wirelessly in one hand... and I guess you can see where this is going.

Out comes the D200, set to commander channel one, nothing. Channel two, nothing again. Channel three, and bang, startled look from the photographer below who had never seen his flash misfire before. Fortunately because of the strobes in the club he didn't see my pre-flash. So I set about photographing people, and the DJs using his flash wirelessly for a good 10 minutes. It was like having someone do lighting for you, but do it all wrong :)

Eventually I got bored so I set it to manual 1/1 and waited till he was handling it, and bam! At that point he clues on but is too blind to see so I put the camera away without a word, and sit smiling to myself for the rest of the evening :D God I love Fridays.
So that makes you a camera hacker. Did you get his bank password as well?:)
I wonder how long till we can password encrypt our CLS channels to the wireless slaves. More importantly I wonder how long it takes a professional crypto genius / amateur photographer to hack it. :lmao:
Funny story.

Do not EVER do similar to this if you join in with my other hobby. Flying RC airplanes would not be a good time to mess around with the signal of someone else's "wireless remote", hehehe.
While definitely fun, you gotta be careful to only do it at non-essential times, else the guy can sue you for making him mess up the shot that would have fetched him X amount of money /voice of reason.

Now... if only we could wirelessly control the lights in a room to mess with everyone's exposures /evil grin XD
ROFL... talk about screwing with the guy's head!
I did kind of the same thing before my son's graduation from College. Due to the large size of the class they held it in the local sports/entertainment venue which of course has sports strobes in the ceiling. Which by the way I also have permission to use since I shoot sports there. Thus my love for Pocket Wizards.

The hired graduation photographers were all down on the floor, one for the isles, one on stage and one setting up the little stop here in front of the backdrop for your official photo upon leaving the stage.

It was worth the price of a Pocket Wizard to watch them looking at each other when I would trip the ceiling strobes with my PW. They were totally confused as to where the light was coming from and with 10,000 people filing into the seats they had no clue. They kept checking their studio strobes and bracketed strobes and running back and forth to each other.

I was nice and quit screwing with them before it started so they could get their readings taken and their equipment set. It was funny though.
Great story for sure. I dont think I have enough Nikon shooters here to do that unfortuantely.
As a Nikon shooter that uses several CLS strobes and PW strobist style, I can chuckle at these stories. I am sure I am now cursed for smiling and the same will happen to me.

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