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Aug 3, 2012
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Time to start the new year off with a click. I have decided that I would like to join the give aways on TPF. I have a Canon AE-1 Program with 50mm and a Vivitar 200mm lens that I would like to give to someone wanting to get into film.

I will send to the CONUS (48 states). I just ask that you be an active member with 25 or more postings. I will leave this thread open or a week or so and then make a selection.

The camera and lenses are in really good and working shape. I have used the 200mm one my dslr with an fd adaptor that I bought.

Nice! I hope someone is smart enough to take you up on this offer :)
New to this community, and still mostly on the lurking level, but I'd love the opportunity to hone my craft using film. I'd love to be considered if those who are more entrenched in the community aren't interested. (and in the mean time, I'll continue to look for ways to contribute -- feel like I don't have much to offer yet!)
It took ages for someone to take the last film camera give away, i don't know why because film is much more fun than digital
It's a different ball game for sure @gsgary. We shall see about this one. I have two film kits and don't shoot that much, so I thought I would offer one of them.

@JonA_CT, it's cool to be a lurker and learning. Ask questions and comment on images that you like. Stop and think about what makes you like it. (This is for you more than the person who posted it.)
I wish I still had my pentax 110 super with all the lenses.
Best film camera ever.

Didn't you give it away ?

I did.
It went locally though, to a friend of a friends teenage daughter who was very very petite and was having difficulty managing full frame size cameras but was dying to get into film photography.
The 110 super suited her perfectly.
I have a picture of the whole setup somewhere on my hard drive, I'll try to find it when I get home.
Pentax 110 super with 2 flashes
Motor winder
18mm f2.8
28mm f2.8
50mm f2.8
70mm f2.8
20-40mm f2.8
Original leather pentax case.

It's the only camera I actually miss.
I honestly think if I still had it I would start shooting film again just to use that camera. Fixed aperture aside, it was a blast.
I would really enjoy this camera I think. I use a film P&S on occasion. It would be great to actually be able to control exposure! I have looked at this model recently but never pulled the trigger since I was unsure of the condition. I would also like to give all those old, cheap, forgotten FD lenses a new life! Thanks for the opportunity!
Bump - NOTE: I will keep this open until Tuesday, 1/19 and then I will close it out and decide and go from there.

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