Another Day, Another Park


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Apr 6, 2006
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The Mighty Midwest
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Photo 2 makes me itch to play with the curves in Photoshop for it a little, it could "jump out" more if you darkened it just a tad and upped the contrasts an equal tad.

This park looks huge in your first photo, and very much waiting for spring to come round at last. I wonder if my first impression is right or whether it is the wide angle you used here that makes me feel it is so large? And I think the blue colour of the bench adds to the feeling I get from this photo that this park waits for spring to finally come round.

The very centred barbecue spot in the last does not speak to me much, a shifted angle might have made it more interesting.
Feel free to play with #2 (or any of the pics) if you like. Reposting is definately ok with me, especially as I'm on Easter Break right now and dont have access to Photoshop on the school computers! :)

#3 was this broken-down rusty bbq right in the middle of all of this new growth of spring... I wanted from different perspective, but there were disc golf players all around and so I had to work around them so as not to get them in the picture. I was mostly bummed by that sign that ended up directly behind it... hadnt noticed that before.

Thanks for your comments! And feel free to mess with the pics as much as you want

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