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Nov 3, 2005
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I have a school auction coming up and in addition to an 11x17" framed photo, business cards, and my flyer for the Childrens Photo Contest I have every year I decided to make a brochure with more examples of my photos as well as some information about my studio and what we have to offer.
I didn't put prices on it as I may be changing them up again and didn't want these to go to waste if I didn't use them all at this auction.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
It will be a folded over two page type of brochure with a front and inside and back cover:
Front Cover is on the right, Back cover is on the left

And this is the inside:
To me the body font you chose is hard to read. Choose a non script font and increase the point size to make more of an impact. I like the justified left on pg 2. The photo could use more run around. Also try a two column approach and see how that looks. Page 3 is trouble. That sea of text is tough to look at and spilling into the gutter. Try using bullets and one line breaks to highlight your products.

Love & Bass
love it!!!!!! ...i dont find that script hard to read at all, not when its printed out and full size...i think you should cut down on your wording though...people want to read quickly and not have a book...keep somethings like your a la carte menu in point form and i would put on some basic pricing as well.
I have to agree that the font is difficult to read. In addition I think there's too much text on the 2nd page. The reason I say this is when I take a quick look at the page a compelling reason to hire you doesn't jump out at me and I need to go hunt through the text to figure it out. In this limited attention-spam world that adds a strike against your brochure. You need to give someone a reason to take your brochure after they quickly glance at it. That being said, I do think the layout and placement of the various elements is very well done.
Thanks for all of your suggestions! I like the idea of using a two column approach and I might try it for page 3. I like the idea of cutting down the wording on the second page, but I'll have to figure out how to do it. I'm such a wordy person:(
Emogirl: Yep, the scrolly border is one of the ones from itty bitty templates. I really liked their borders (but not their actions so much).
I was just looking there again and there are some really cute new borders!

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