another shot i did for a friend


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Dec 18, 2007
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why'd you cut his head off? I'm going to assume you did it on purpose...but I doesn't look right to me. Maybe others will like it.
Side... I think it was to show the reflection but I don't get it either.
If it had been a more compact image and it was clear that the reflection was the focal point, the whole decapitation might have worked, might have. But it just doesn't work here.
Yeh I thought a like for like reflection would be much stronger.

Im not a huge fan of sepia tones either..

Anyone else agree?
I don't think cutting the head off helped your composition. It looks a little sloppy. That being said, did you have some concept in mind? Did you cut it off for a reason?

I also think this would look better in black and white instead of sepia.
Spend more time practicing and studying exposure and composition before you go toying around with post-processing like this. It can improve an already great image. It can't make a poor one better.

The tone range is extremely narrow, the highlights and shadows are both blocked, the reflection isn't strong enough, there's too much emphasis on his shoes, and the dead space to the right doesn't add much.
i liked the mood of the shot from this perspective, but im still a beginner, so thanks for the tips

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