another still life w the homemade softbox


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Dec 24, 2005
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just expiramenting....

First of all let me say I like the effect a lot. This is more a question than anything else. Why did you choose to crop it horizontal, and leave so much black on the left side.

This would be a typical poster crop if you had written say, "Wine natures gift to man,," something like that. Im just wondering.
ha ha, dont think too much into it... I was cropping 3/4 portraits all day so i guess it stuck with me ...... i didnt even notice....
thats pretty cool, i looked at your website.... very neat endevor.....

Sometimes I like to make vintage looking shots of 50;s stuff..... its a time forgotten....

I scavaneged parts from a floor standing japanese lantern and some small wattage bulbs... the problem is when you want to turn it hoizontal.... hard to get it to stay in place..... Ill post some sort of tutorial if I dont end up breaking it and burning my house down in the process.....
I have to remind myself to turn off all my homemade stuff before I leave the studio/workspace. I have a dog who sleeps next door to it. My wife will skin me alive, if I ever have a fire in that junk hole.

Those retro on my site go all the way back from the fifties style all the way to the 1850 style and yes it is fun. It is easier if you have retro cameras to work with. Making a dead sharp modern camera look like something made with an old kodak folder is hard hard work. All my stuff is cobbled together but most of the lenses are off old old cameras.

I like to see a guy building his own equipment. Not many of us do anymore.

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