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Nov 27, 2006
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So this couple paid a photographer a good bit of money and long story short the pictures were AWFUL! So anyhow they hired me to do what I could with the pics as far as editing and so I did but then they decided that they really wanted better than that (I'm telling you the pics were BAD)
SO the bride and groom came up here to Pittsburgh all the way from North Carolina to visit family and while they were here I reshot their pics from the church they got married in last September.
She got the dress out of preservation, had her hair done EXACT, same with her makeup - they even had the bouquet replicated! I tried my best and I hope they like them, but seriously I cant believe there is a woman in my area getting paid for pics like the ones she gave them!! I wish I could show you but we aren't allowed to post other photogs pics, you'll just have to take my word for it - your jaws would DROP if you saw how bad they were!











Her arm is all funky in this one I have to fix it but I only have time to past these now.

CC greatly appreciated!! I'd like to help this couple out as much as I can - they already got screwed by one photog and I'd like them to be happy with these. ;)
I really like these, I think you did a really nice job. I espcially like the stained glass shot, very beautiful.

The only thing I'd say is the eyes in #10 look a little odd to me, I'm not sure why.

Anyway, overall, I think you did a great job!!
I really like these, I think you did a really nice job. I espcially like the stained glass shot, very beautiful.

The only thing I'd say is the eyes in #10 look a little odd to me, I'm not sure why.

Anyway, overall, I think you did a great job!!

Thanks allsmiles. :) hmm maybe as little sandra says - the three catchlights. There was a huge double window lighting that wall from above my head and then i had to use a bit of fill flash for the other side of her face and the shadows - wonder if I shoudl clone out the ones in the pupil form the flash. I think I will try that.
After all, that pic in particular i looked at that girl and whatever it was - the way the light was shining in her face her eyes looked so neat - like Tiger's eye's or somethign and I said - Don't move stay right there! :)

Yes Little Sandra, you may be right - goo dlooking out. ;) I'll try to remove the pinlights form the flash and see if that helps. Thanks for commenting.
you did a fantastic job....a good way to practice weddings, when the pressure is off...(though I know you felt the pressure to satisfy them). they will be happy...all very nice!!! 4, 8, 9 are my faves...i'm such a sucker for romance!
Thanks emogirl! I'm glad you like them - 9 is actually one of my faves I've taken, mostly because it looks exactly like I wanted it to! That rarely happens lol.
Yes you are right - it was an awesome way to get some wedding ideas - no time restraints and the bride was calm and stuff. It was great!
Hi Kathi, I posted on your flickr site on how well I think you did with this wedding. I love the shot with the stain glass background. I think the bride will be VERY happy with the re-shoot.
I love the idea that you guys had, being able to get the bride and groom away from the wedding party to actually take nice planned posed shots is tricky to do sometimes, I wish all weddings were just focused on the portraits and let the family member point and shoot jockeys just shoot the rest...


nice shots, I like your style its unique.
oldnavy170- yes i saw those comments - much appreciated, though I can't figure out on flickr how to respond to those comments. LOL.
You know what is funny - when i edited their original horrible pics to clean them up a bit I was under the impression that the church must have been so boring and ugly. Then when i walked in there I was like HOLY CRAP! THis is the most beautiful church I have ever seen! So many possibilities - and it's not even tapped yet! LOL I love that stained glass too thanks.

KristinaS - I have received an email from the dad of the bride - he says she is very excited about them so that is great. Thanks for taking the time to comment. :) And yes I cannot believe what happened to them in the first place though it gave me an opportunity I would not have otherwise had to shoot - and some exposure, and a couple bucks. ;)

THORHAMMER - yes it was nice to have the whole place quiet just to the bride and groom. LOL though, there were STILL P&S shooters - mom was there, two cousins, dad and an uncle who used to be a wedding photographer, so you can imagine it was hard for me to still stay in control of my shots without some frustration. It was WAY calmer than an actual wedding though. :)
And I'm glad you think my style is unique - I am always trying to think out of the box without getting out of hand. :)
does the photog have a website we could check out possibly?
does the photog have a website we could check out possibly?

I've been dying to know the same thing! I will ask the father of the bride tomorrow when he calls me - if there is one I will post it here. I never thought about posting the pink to that her so you can see. I'll get back to you on that after he calls tomorrow. :)
I wonder how she got them reeled in in the first place if her pictures were so awful. Does she not charge very much $?

That being said, I really like #4. It's a cute shot:) I would like #3, but I'm not fond of the angle. It's not as flattering for her.
#7 is a nice idea, but I think more fill light would have made this even better.

First off, I think you did a fantastic job! Its great that you were able to give these people some awesome photos to remember their day.

I have so many favorites in this batch, I cant single out just a few. I do want to make a few comments though.

In a few shots, their expressions are a bit mechanical and nervous, but not your fault. Also, it looks like the focus was a bit off in #11. I also agree in #7, a fill flash would have helped.

However, the post processing in these are fantastic. The lighting is great. Color and skin tone is accurate and vivid. Exposure is dead on.

I especially like #4, #5, and #6. Although #8 and #9 are stunning! The stained glass shot is magnificent. In #10, the processing on her eyes is beautiful.

Overall, you did an amazing job! Im very impressed. :)

I think you did a great job as well. The stained glass shot is really stunning. :)

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