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Another Velvia turned gray


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Jul 30, 2003
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San Diego, CA, USA
This is my another try with changing color slides to greyscale. This is a picture of The Mormon Temple in San Diego. It is a huge, white building in the center of the city. Difficult to photograph, but I think that it has very interesting patterns o shadows in the morning.


Any propositions what to change here? I am not sure where crop the bottom of the picture. And I am not sure about this white fragment of sky in the left top corner.

Gee, to crop or not to crop! That is a tough one. To me, i think any crop would hurt the overall picture as you would have to sacrifice something that you don't want to. I think what makes it hard to crop is the angle you've chosen to shoot the subject. Having the building corner near the middle of the frame means you can't simply get rid of any single unwanted part with a straight cut.

Not really any help i know....

Still it's a good photo as is with all the lines and angles, so keep it like it is.
Thank you, I am still fighting with it. This is a very tight crop, I can imagin for this picture. But I am not sure if I like it. :roll: <sigh>


Oh, let somebode make this decision for me! I need somebody to blame. :lol:


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