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Dec 14, 2003
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:band: :headbang: Congrats on your 2000th:headbang: :band:
Always love reading your comments.

BTW...wasnt it 1000 last week:)

Yeah..y'all call me a took me a LOOOONG time to get to where I am! :lol: Some of you are getting to your first milestones WAAAAY faster than I did! :lol: It took me around 6 months for my first 1000!
ah...yes well.... i can only say i told you so anty :lol:

Well done for noticing chiller ;) (<no i didnt pm him anty!)

Na i think you all imagined the last one.... it was wayyyy last year when she got to the 1'000 mark..... right anty.

But congrats anyway!!!!!!!!!

Your comments are great and very witty...... and a worthy 'word' player i think even hertz would agree :wink:

:cheers: :band: :band: :cheers: :hugs:
anicole said:
WAY:band:TO :cheers:GO :smileys:ANTARCTICAN!!!!!!!!!

:boogie: :clap: :boogie: :clap:

what she said....and more.... your such fun on here..and you make things so much more interesting....

always love your quick wit and humor...your really an asset to the forum..!! cong rats to you, my friend...!
congrats on the 2K anty... always look forward to your posts... :thumbup:
YAYyyyyyyyyyy!!! :hugs: congrats! it's awesome having you in here Jeanne!
keep up the posts girl!
I was hoping that my 2000th post would slip by unnoticed, given how soon it was after my 1000th post. (Chiller, you were only off by a few weeks when you asked whether it was just last week! How sad. I've gotta get a life).... :blushing:... I guess I'm a spammer, as an awful lot of those posts were from rip-roaring word association duels. :p

Since my 1k, I did manage to post a few pictures, including one on the darkside, so I guess I'm making some progress. I've also hunted (unsuccessfully) for interesting cems in some small towns I've visited, which is something I never would have done pre-darkside, so again the forum is having an effect on me. I hope to get PS soon, and in a while be able to process my pics. I am awed and inspired by the magnificent photos posted, and cheered by the good times, laughs, support and camaraderie of my TPF friends. Thank you to all of you. Your friendship means an awful lot to me. (*sniff*) :hugs:
hello.... anti? your killing me here, that was so sweet....

my make up is is my nose..therefore i have people asking me if i have a pulse today....

could you quit being so girlie???? (love ya, mean it...)
you're a wonderful addition to this forum. i've enjoyed our word association evenings. :) glad you're here!!!

thank you Chiller for introducing her to TPF. :thumbup:
Aww shucks all y'all (*kicks dirt*), yer makin' me blush. Thanks so much for your kind words.

April, sorry for those embarrassing questions and the need for a makeup reapplication brought on by me getting all 'girlie' on ya. Won't happen again. My red meat eating pitbull facade is firmly back in place. :mrgreen:
Congrats on 2K!! always enjoy your feedback and word association fun!
Hope to see more image posts from ya!!

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