Any good books out there?


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Mar 12, 2006
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Elgin, N.E. Scotland

My dad is going to Africa on safari and I would like to get him a good book on how to capture some great pics while he's out there. He doesn't use a Dslr so I don't want a book that fusses about lenses too much (maybe I'm being too picky!), can anyone recommend a good buy??
John Hedgecoe's Complete guide to photography is pretty comprehensive.

Covers the main aspects of photography quite well i think. But your dad may well want something more travel orientated :D im not sure. Publisher of that book is Collins and Brown
[ame=""]National Geographic Photography Field Guide: Secrets to Making Great Pictures[/ame]
I'd second John Hedgecoe's book. Excellent book and discusses every topic in short 2 page sections.
I was just looking for a book last night. Apparently all of the books in the local Barnes 'n' Noble were expensive and you can probably just print all of the same info out for free.

If I were you I would google it and maybe print out a bunch of info off the net.

Also I think Photography for Dummbies concentrates on point and shoot more than anything else. Run you about $25.

Bryan Peterson's "Understanding Exposure" is an excellent book on principles, and exposure tips. He a couple more that are great reads as well.

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