Any recommendations for a low cost 200ish mm f2.8 lens?


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Nov 4, 2012
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Winnipeg, Canada
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Hi everyone. I have a D3100, and I need a longer reach lens. I'm trying to watch ebay, and other used-item sites.

I don't mind buying an older 'D' lens, I don't mind manual focus.

It would be nice to get a zoom that goes to 200mm. But I don't mind if it is a prime lens. I would just like something relatively fast, that goes around 200mm.

I would really like something faster than f4 (otherwise I would just go buy a new 55-200 f4). f2.8 would be nice

I would like to keep it below $300.
Finding a lens at 200mm at 2.8 for under 300 might be tough... at least while scanning eBay I couldn't find a thing.

How about a 135mm AiS 2.8? those are around 150, It wont meter with your current body though.
Nikon AF 180mm f/2.8 ED-IF is what I bought. I gave $299 for mine used in "E-" condition from Adorama. The name plate had a little of the gold worn off and there was one blemish on the bottom of the lens(not the glass), other than that it looks and performs as new.
I think ToddTN hits the mark dead-on with his suggestion of a use 180mmmm f/2.8 AF-D Nikkor prime, which will only manually focus on your current camera body, but which WILL meter with your camera.
Any AF lens will be manual focus for the OPs D3100. The D3100 has manual focusing aids. See page 144 of the D3100 users manual - Rangefinder.
Rangefinder is not available when using the Manual shooting mode or Live view, but in Manual shooting mode the in-focus indicator in the camera viewfinder will light when focus has been achieved at the selected AF point by manually turning the lens focus ring.

Only Nikon AF-S and AF-i Nikon lenses have an auto focus motor in the lens.
thanks for the replies guys.

that 180mm 2.8d sounds like a good option, but i found a review on youtube, it said that chromatic aberration is really bad at f2.8, and it is only good starting at f4.

it also says on a DX sensor, it is unusable above f8 due to lens diffraction.

can anyone comment on that?
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I have seen chromatic aberration at f2.8 in mine, I have not noticed the diffraction above f/8. The CA can be fixed in post.
honestly I do not think you are going to do any better at your price range.
i understand your point about buying the 55-200 f4, but it probably doesn't perform very well at f4 whereas the 180mm will.
I have not used the 55-200 so that is a guess on my part, someone else should probably comment on that
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