Any UFO fans?

21-Aug-05; 11:50; Ripon, North Yorkshire: "Round, football shaped object that was shiny and metallic."

Don't tell anyone who told you this, in case I get abducted by aliens or the government, but I think I may have identified the object in question. What do you think? :lol:

Sometime in December 2005, "An object was seen" over High Wycombe. Oh my god, the UFOs are landing at RAF Strike Command! Wait, so are the planes and helicopters... :lol:

And on the 9th of August, a UFO was spotted over Milton Keynes. They didn't use their devastating beam weapons to demolish the town, so we can only conlude that if there's any life out there it certainly isn't intelligent :lol:.

Just as a final thought, can we please never use the words "Freedom of Information Act" again. Ever since I started researching my dissertation it's been causing me headaches and I've lost whole days of my life at the National Archives that I'll never get back. Now that I think of it, all that elapsed time... maybe I was abducted by a UFO :p

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