Anyone have a lensbaby?


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May 19, 2006
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I'm thinking of getting one and looking for feedback. Also they have a new product with coated glass now. Do you think it is worth the extra $50 being most of the images is going to be soft focus anyways?

Paul, there are several of us who have Lensbabies. Be sure to check out our Lensbaby Place subforum for some additional tips and great LB images!

Those lenses have a sweet spot that is briar-sharp. Since you can control the amount of softness you want in each frame, I'd say it's worth the cost. Those little lenses are works of art! :)
Another vote! :thumbup:
I've been playing with mine for a litle bit, and while I would say that it's unlikely that I'll use it that often, it does give you new ptions for picture making, and if you're getting a little jaded with your other lenses, you can't realy beat bang for buck with a lensbaby
Lensbabies are definitely worth it, IMO! And yes, I think it's worth it to spend the extra $50 for the 2.0. In addition to the coated glass, it's a lot easier to change the aperture on the 2.0, which I hear is a real pain with the 1.0.
Thanks danalec99 for your vote, wish me luck in photographer of the year contest
thanks guts for you input. I think that being able to change the aperture is worht the $50 alone
I meant, another vote for the Lensbaby! :D
Ooops... I am going to pick one up today!

Thanks for your help,

Yeah, they're fun. It's not a primary lens, but you get something unique that would take hours to replicate in Photoshop. I just keep it on an older body, and still use my primary camera with other lenses.

Check my site for some recent images.

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