Anyone have any wide angle group shots?


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Jul 30, 2009
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I'm planning on shooting a couple of group shots and am trying to find the Nikkor lens I want to go about doing it with.I was thinking of the 14-24mm lens maybe shot at 18mm, but wasn't sure what the distortion would be like on the edges. From what I've read, 18mm is suppose to have very little barrel distortion, but I've never seen a group portrait example.The group will be a max of 40 people, shot inside a mansion with incandescent lighting. I will be using a couple SB800's, umbrellas, and some radio triggers.Thanks for any tips or examples.
It's more an issue how how close you are to your group. The farther away you are, the less distortion you are likely to get. The problems occur when you don't have room to back up and are then forced to use a wide angle just to get your group in frame.
Mike, that makes sense. I mean I have seen quite a few (and captured a couple) up close shots with wide angle lenses just for the interesting perspective it creates. I should have a good amount of space to back up, my only problem there will be including unwanted furniture in the shot.

31 heads with a 24-70mm @ 26mm and one hotshoe mounted flash. I was ~10' from the front row.

The thread is a little bit embarrassing...... no replies. :(

The first one resembles my attempts at getting everyones attention during family portraits, and the second is spot on. I was surprised to see that it was a single bounced SB-800, it worked quite well. I was also surprised to see how wide the 24-70 was, maybe I'll test them both (14-24; 24-70) out to see which might work better.

Thanks for the replies.

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