Anyone here Pen Spin?


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Nov 26, 2005
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if so what pens do you use?

i use an RSVP with my own original mod.
MommyOf4Boys said:
I spin my pens on my desk when I am bored.

lol, i guess that counts...

btw, i like the new avy. it's adorable :lol:
It looks har to me. But I suppose with practice like anything. What pens are good? I do the spinning around your fingers just as a habit. Used to be able to do it fast but stopped doing it.
yeah I stopped to ... but sometimes when I'm stressed I don't control myself :p
gave up on pens
Now its all high end micraphones (anuthing plus 1 grand in value)
and c4 explosives just for fun
I have also developed a alternative tecnique of spinning them on my palms in sted of using your fingers
i learned how to spin a pen a little during boring college classes but nothing this crazy... i didn't realize "pen spinning" was such a big deal that their would be websites on "mods"...

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