Anyone use Fabness for canvas prints? Any good?


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Sep 8, 2011
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I got a couple Livingsocial deals for online printing from Fabness. A 20x30 (normally $200) was only $39 and a 12x18 (normally $90) for $12.

Anyone use it? How is the print quality?

They even show a simulation (granted this is a 60x40)

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I don't see that they provide any information about the type(s) or grade of canvas they use.

On that basis alone I would not use them.

I saw some other information in their Photo Resolution Guide section that would also make me pass on using their service.

Canvas has a heavy texture that substantially reduces the need for sharpness and image quality.
I have to agree with Keith on this one. Probably not a good idea, but it is pretty cheap.
The canvas is very heavy and textured for sure. I ordered one last year. I actually liked it quite a bit. Wood frame and the canvas seems very durable. I guess it depends what you want printed, but it is a slightly "artsy" look

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