Anything cheaper then Fuji 200 film?


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Dec 14, 2007
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Hey, I am fairly new at this and I am going through a ton of film. I am getting 1 pic out of 24 exp if that I want to keep, sometimes none that I like. Anyways I just wanted to know if there is something cheaper then the Fuji 200 film which is 5.66 at walmart for 5 rolls.

Also if anyone knows a place where I can send my film off to a lab that might be cheaper then walmart too. Any suggestions on cutting costs just starting out would be helpful.
Walmart is probably about as cheap as it gets. Although...they usually aren't very good. You may find that you get more 'keepers' if you have your prints done at a better lab.

Costco has been known to have cheap film. I remember buying 10 or 20 rolls of Kodak Gold for a fairly low price. (you need a membership though).

As many of us have is the way to go, if you shoot a lot. After the price of the costs nothing to shoot more photos. If you want can print only the ones you want...which should be a considerable savings.
I've picked up loads of cheap film on ebay with people moving to digital they all seem to be getting rid of it. Just be carefull about dates but if it's been correctly stored this shouldnt be an issue.
Yeah I didn't think I would end up using this much film learning the settings on the camera.
Last I knew Wal-Mart carries a poleroid 35mm film with the wal-mart name onto it, Anything with the store name onto it is generally fairly cheap and always cheaper than anything with brand name.

I have not actually bought any my self but I had a couple rolls loafin around, I have the last one in my nockoff. The film itself works just fine.

Worst case scenario there is rite aid (chain drug store) film too, That I have purchased but never used and don't know who makes it.
I have seen some out of date film on ebay for super cheap. About a year old...
Anyone know of Sams Club carries lots of film?
I think your best bet is walmart. Just get a neg only process and try to look at your frames and choose your best one. Walgreen's processing is $2.15 if you want that. Right now there's a one set one hour coupon for $3.99.
I second getting film process only and the negatives scanned to a CD. Only get prints of the frames you like. That should save a few bucks a roll in processing.

I used to send my film out to Snapfish for processing. They farm it out to Walgreens or something like that, and they put your pictures online so you can email them. You might look at that, too.
Yeah I have been getting everything I do too cd and printing the ones I like off of my printer... Still.. I have spent like 25 bucks this week on processing and only had 5 decent pictures.
Can you explain snapfish pricing?

35mm Film Developing
(35mm film & single-use cameras) Film Developing & PrintsPrice per rollFirst roll: Developing & prints (3.5 x 5" or 4 x 6" prints only)FreeAfter First roll: Developing & prints (3.5 x 5" or 4 x 6")$2.99Developing & prints (5 x 7")$3.99Double prints (up to 27 exposures)$1.99Double prints (over 27 exposures)$2.99EasyFinder Index Print$1.00Shipping & Handling($1.99)Scanning and placement of digital images in your online accountFREE

Is the 2.99 developing + 27 exposurers? Or is it just the developing? Snapfish looks great because like you said I can have the roll processed then they upload all of them and I pick what ones I want to print.

It saves me a ton especially when I only have 1 or two pictures I like.

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