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Feb 21, 2005
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YAY! :cheer: my most favourite day of the year.

Don't you just love Australia... we celebrate a national f uck up! :lol:

Don't know what I'm talking about - then read this:

Basically a national public holiday to honour all our war heroes - because we ****ed up and landed in the wrong spot and got massacred in WWI. Ah well.

So what have you go planned for this Anzac day?

I'm gonna head down to the pub or RSL and have a drink with some oldies I can find and play 2 ups! YEAH!
oh and btw the typos aren't due to the fact that I'm already **** ed..... :blushing:
Scott WRG Editor said:
Heh, it is a bit weird that this is a holiday thats celebrated but its not really an Australian eff up, you were effed by the British for the most part.
It is a little more complicated than that, and you could argue that the British army itself was ****ed by its own leadership too. The British army suffered from, well, variable leadership throughout WW1 and it was said at the time to be made up of 'lions lead by donkeys'. The Dardanelles campaign is a good example of poor insight compounded by bad planning, and worse, of failing to stop digging when you find yourself in a big hole.

Although the Australians and New Zealanders lost by far the greatest numbers of men in relation to their size, as was the case for WW1 overall, in Gallipoli the British army itself suffered over 73,000 casualties during the campaign. However, it was the ANZACs' first experience of losses on that kind of scale, while the British army and public had already become used to industrial scale slaughter on the Western Front. That, and censorship, meant that its impact was very different in the UK compared with Australia and NZ.
Semi-normal day for me, slept in till 10, bludged around the house then went to work at 12 then finished at 5.

No beer consumed.
Watched a few doco's on it on the ABC...and then played indoor soccer for 4 hours straight, with a gimp arm. Some crazy dude almost broke it by smashing me into the goal.

Unlike my sister, I am not an alcoholic and am completely dry....or possible still hungover from the weekend....
Unlike my sister, I am not an alcoholic and am completely dry....or possible still hungover from the weekend....


Well for my anzac day, we went into the City just to hang out at the Roma St parklands but then we realised the parade was still going on in the city... so we walked down to that and watched people in the parade.
I got some nice pics of the old diggers but of course the boys have been using the editing computer all day yesterday so I couldn't edit any photos. :-( grrr.

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