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Mar 24, 2009
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Anyone use Aperture for PP? Thoughts on it? How bad is the learning curve?
I used Aperture for about 10 minutes while at a Apple store and before have used a trial version of Lightroom and if I had to inform someone on which one to get I would say get Lightroom. From what I've heard about CameraRaw 9from Adobe) you have a better range of RAW formats that can edited on Lightroom then on Aperture. And I also found it easier to use Lightroom right off the top (took me about 10mins no joke to find out where everything in Lightroom was).Also it a Adobe photo-related app which means it got's to be good :er:.

Umm I also say it is not fair for me to compare the two for my short time with Aperture soo you could take my advice and go with Lightroom instead or what you could also do is try posting this thread in a higher traffic forum section like Beyond the Basics. Be careful of moderators asking why you made the tread twice by declaring this one is moving or asking them to move it.

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