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May 23, 2010
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Well this is the first camera (D3100) I've owned that shoots RAW/NEF. I went to the races Saturday and shot a couple hundred frames in NEF. Got home and uploaded them. Went to edit a bit and ViewNX 2 won't do it. I have the first generation of Creative Suite w/Photoshop. Doesn't recognize the format. So I download DNG converter and convert to camera raw 2.4 and later. Still no recognition.

So do I have a bunch of photos I can only look at? A new computer isn't in the realm of possibility for a few months as I just shot the wad on a couple camera and glass. Can anyone help me there's a few really good shots I'd like to use.
Sorry to tell this to you but you need new software and that new software is NOT going to run on your machine.

You are running 10 year old software on a 10 year old computer.
Surely there's something I can use for now.

They may work on a newer version of Adobe CS. CS4 I think was the last version that would run on an old machine like yours. No idea where you would be able to find a copy of that though
Finally got it figured out. How is this for a newb?


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