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    hey everyone

    I am new here, thought of introducing myself. I am Edward Greenberg, I run a very popular site called Aquatic Photography Forum (APF). It's a place for fellow Aquatic Photography Enthusiasts to share info and get better. I have 9 aquariums at home, of various sizes and environments (fresh, saltwater...) and LOVE to shoot fish. Here are some samples:

    Assorted Saltwater (older, Canon 300D, 100mm Macro, no flash)



    Severum pics (Canon 20D, 100mm Macro, ISO 1,600, no flash)
    Face closeup

    Closeup of the Dorsal fin

    Closeup of the tail fin

    Misc pics (Canon 20D, 50mm 1.8, no flash)
    Guppy (fancy, German)



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