Arch of Constantine/Rome Italy


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Oct 7, 2011
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Photomatix and PS5 version

Photomatix PS5 and Machinery 2.0 version
Arch_of_Constantine_M - Free online photo gallery at
I would get rid of that Orange thing it draws the eye away from the arch, and the cart as well.
I like this a lot better than your last post.

It seems that the most interesting skies were to the bottom left of frame. Would've been nice to get that sky through the arches. Was the grass off limits in front of the arch?
Id like to see more detail from the arch. Looks really interesting.
What do you mean? I used Detail Enhancer, Tonal Contrast and Sunshine.
Whenever I do this people say I overcooked it.
Any Tips?
I think he is meaning that a closer crop to see the detail in the subject not the processing. :thumbup:

My two cents on this is in photomatix try to use the lighting slider to draw the light in where you want the persons eye to look. Second try to understand when to and how to use your processing tools. Some images do not look good in the HDR grungie, panterly look. They look better more natural realistic look and some with a realistic 3D could be real or real fake look. IF that makes sense to you. I think in this case less processing focus on the saturation and more attention to a realistic 3D look would have worked better. It looks to me as if you painted in the sky and it does not look natural. I think the subject is good though and think you were very lucky to go to Italy! Hopefully you have many more photos that you will share so people like me that just do not get out much can see the world.

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