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Jun 27, 2003
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the ceiling in my hallway and a building in my neighborhood .. so dark and shadowy ... feel free to comment :) *resized and compressed*


I like them both. I really like the first one. If you have photoshop I thnk you could get it not so dark in the rest of the room.

both good shots though!!

Are these NYC?
yeh, there in NYC .. the first one is in my hallway ... there made to be intentionally very dark (i like the shawdows :D ) ... the second one is near the beach in an alley, kinda ... me and my hubby went on a "photo hunt" ... he got some nice shots...
I really enjoyed the first one. I like the 2nd one alright to, but theres just something that doesn't seem quite right
I like these, particularly the second one. I think the shadows make a dramatic negative space. The second one looks like the outline of an eye! I wonder if it's looking out at the building or looking in from it?
we were taking a stroll on the beach and did a u-turn ... i saw this building ... i was on the ground shooting upwards...

*thanks for all your comments :wink: *
Always enjoy checking out your work Dew! You always capture the image very well. You and your husband must do nothing but cruise around with cameras around your necks :)

Keep up the great work.

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