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Jan 21, 2006
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Post your nominations for June photo of the month here!


1) You may nominate up to THREE photos, no more.

2) Please include the name of the photo and the name of the photographer.

3) You may nominate any photo posted during the month of JUNE in the galleries. Photo must have been taken by the poster.

4) If someone else has already nominated a photo, please do not nominate it again. It makes it very confusing when it's time to make the voting thread. If a photo is nominated twice, your post may be edited or deleted. Thanks for understanding!

Have fun...... and make sure your favorite photos from this month are in the final selection! ;)
I think the voting/results will be announced shortly....... with the forum having a make over its a little late this month ;)
1. A Step Back, by Peanuts

Thanks dan, thats the first one i was going to nominate! :thumbsup:
Archangel....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR HELPING OUT WITH THIS!!! You are my hero, and I mean that.

Sorry everyone, that I got behind with things! Life's been crazy lately! I'll get to getting the May voting up AS SOON AS I CAN!!!
I just added the pic numbers for you, so that they can be identified when they go to the voting ;)
"Through the Mists of Time" by ShutteredEye needs some love for June....with or without the misc foliage shopped out :D

i like these foggy shots, i don't get to see fog very often... it's so dramatic when captured as well as this...

#2 of A Foggy Day by uberben

Do you know what I have done to you? by chakalakasp

henri's #3 from Summer in the Kitchen

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