Are these pics "Phography" or Art?


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Feb 7, 2009
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New to photography, but I love "Post Processing".... Some folks have told me that this isn't photography anymore... kinna feel bad when they say that, because I still think it is... But - I can understand what they're saying.... I do a lot of cooking, and through all of the cooking process and seasonings, I still want to taste what a Steak tastes like in the end.. not have the "seasonings" be the major focus of the food... What do you think?



Who's pictures are they? Who's opinion matters?

Some may look at the first one and say its wonderful, but another could say that it is not art and in fact not even a very good picture to boot being over saturated and over processed and that the composition of the 2nd one is boring and again over processed to compensate for lack of proper composition.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Who's opinion matters to the one asking? ;)
Yup, you've wandered into the realm of the extremely subjective. Do you like them? Do you feel (honestly) that they have merit? Then who cares what they're called?

The only time I think that the photo vs. art problem will matter is if you want to enter a competition or gallery show which specifies "no processed photos". Otherwise, enjoy doing what you do, and keep doing it. :)

Btw, I like it.
LOL @ epp_b

I don't like pickles by themselves but they're pretty good on burgers.

It really depends on the surroundings and circumstances.

I think that you'll find that your work will be appreciated to the level that it fills expectations. If your viewer is expecting a photograph, digital art will likely leave them unfulfilled. If you tell them that it's digital art up front then you are likely to have a much happier audience.

Who cares what it is?

If you enjoy doing it then why restrict your creative flow by worrying about the opinions of others?

Photography as a whole is very broad and diverse..... do whatever makes you happy.
They're diseased is what they are. Sorry, HDR just makes things look radioactive.

I'm sorry but ..... that's funny.. :lol: we have to choose?....i vote "both".
I dont know what it matters. If people like it, and it has some Wow, power, who cares what it type of image it is called.
Be yourself, and do what you want. :D That is what makes everyone unique. I dont want my pics to look like somebody elses, and if I take a straight photograph, and do no fancy arse stuff to it...fine...if I take a photo, and want to do something to...fine too. :mrgreen: It is my camera , my vision and my rules. :lol::lmao::lol:
Not to my taste, but if you like it, nothing else matters (unless you're trying to sell it).

Photography can be art, but not every photograph is art, or is even trying to be. If you are using your photographs as means of artistic expression, then YOUR interpretation is what's most important. Maybe it's not going to be called photography, maybe it's going to be called "an art piece made using a photograph" or similar, but what it's called doesn't really matter in my opinion. While nobody can deny that your images are photography, in the transition to digital which is happening at the moment, people are somewhat skeptical of accepting "too much" (varies from person to person) digital editing as part of the photographic process (for various reasons...). I can tell you that if you would've used film and managed to process your photos in the darkroom for the same effect, nobody would doubt that what you did was photography.
Viewed on a 10' x 6' canvas, these may well indeed evoke a completely different response than what is seen on a 17" monitor.

Keep at it.

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