Are You Jack White, Jimmy Page, or The Edge


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Apr 7, 2010
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Greetings guys

I just published this post on my website.* It might make for an interesting discussion.

Last week I watched a movie called It Might Get Loud.* The movie chronicled the history of three very well known guitarists: Jack White, most notably from The White Stripes and The Raconteurs, The Edge from U2, and Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin.* Much of the movie revolved around their fascination, and continuing love affair, with the electric guitar.

What irked me throughout the movie, however, was how Jack White purposely wanted to struggle with the guitar.* He even went so far as to purchase poor quality plastic guitars, damaged ones, and defectives ones.* He felt that in order to get the most out of his instrument, it was important that he battle with it.* At one point he even said, "Ease of use is the disease that you have to fight in any field."* At first, I didn't get it.* Was this guy into making life more difficult than it needed to be?

A few days later it hit me.* What the guitar is to Jack White, is exactly what the camera is to me.* I want to be constantly confronted by the imperfections and limitations of the gear that I use.* I don't want the perfect lens and body combination (not that there is such a thing), I too want to struggle with my equipment.* As White said with regards to electric guitars: "pick a fight with it...and win the fight."* Through my struggles with the camera, I believe that I'm forced to be unique and creative in my approach to photography.* That may explain why I haven't upgraded camera bodies for the last few product cycles.

I want photography to be a struggle, and a challenge, because that ongoing fight will push me to experiment.* I want to conquer the obstacles that my gear presents me with, because I've found that that's when there's more authenticity to my images.* Imperfect gear forces me to think on the spot and come up with creative solutions to gear deficiencies.* Moreover, if I'm constantly on my toes, I won't become that lazy, predictable, and complacent photographer that has an over reliance on the newest technology.* For myself, I've come to realize that it's not about near perfect scores on resolution charts, as much as it is about character.

If you've seen the movie, or plan on seeing it, ask yourself: "Are you Jack White, Jimmy Page, or The Edge, when it comes to your approach to photography?"


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ive watched the movie but i also realised something, your entire page is Jack White's view and you dont explore the other two, so anyone willing to just read your post cant really say who they are. i mean in all honesty that documentary is for a niche, i only watched it cause i really like the sounds of U2 and it featured the Edge. its not a documentary for the masses. even The Inconvenient Truth is more for the masses than It Might Get Loud ..just my 2cents...
I play a Les Paul. Therefore I am Jimmy Page. Most people say I don't play as well as he, but they are all fools and know nothing. You're just gonna have to take my word for it.
hey Peter putting $hit on here sure boosts your stats don't it, why not insert some decent metadata and submit to the SE if your not getting enough traffic instead of posting rubbish here.

By the way I met JP & EC in the eighties, told me neither of them struggled, just picked them up and played. H
There are three kinds of sex: for procreation, for recreation and for commerce. Whoring is, I'm told, the most profitable but the least amount of fun.

Pull up a chair, Peter, and join in. It may not be sex but it's more fun than that last. :)
Thank you for the update on my posting history. For those keeping score, including this post, I'm now up to 21 posts with 17 threads started.

I post here to be helpful, provide a staring point for some interesting discussion, and to teach others less experienced about photography.

My website is simply a conduit for additional information if you're interested. It does not generate business for me in any way. My clients come to me from referrals, from my networking with corporate higher-ups through my club memberships, and from my print advertising in trade publications. They are directed to a private online portfolio site.

It can be a little disheartening when people hijack threads, when they have little to contribute to a discussion other than bashing, or for the occasional immature inside jokes, but I suppose one must take the informed with the lack thereof.

My appologies if this has offended anyone.


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