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    this is dealing with my education..

    so i been doing some online searching on schools that offer photography degrees and such. I looked at the intitutes even though I'd know I'd be taking out loans of bundles of money, and I would hate to be 50,000 dollars in debt. But some of these requests of information that they mailed to me is so tempting. For instance... Santa Barberas Brooks institute of photography!! what an eye sore.. beautiful place, great lookin school, and great programs, and might I add,.. NOTHING but photography, and film as well. I can imagine all the help and guidance I could get from them as opposed to my junior college down the street from me. Well as far as my classes go,... I slacked off ALOT in school so I do have alot ahead of me... my problem is.. I do not know where to go..

    do i stay at the junior college to receive a certificate for the photo department theyoffer?

    do i get the classes to transfer to a cal state or UC and then work on my major over there.. BUT.. which cal state or UC has a good photography program that you know of?

    or do i go big and get a loan to an institute????

    HELP!.. please!!! I really am aiming for things dealing with studio work, portraiture, as well as advertisement (mags), journalism, and also the digital side where you can work more on thecomputer as well.

    ahh.. i just wanna do it all...

    problem is.. i dont know what schools are good out here in california..

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    A lot will depend on what you want to learn about photography. From what I understand, Brooks mainly concentrates on the technical aspects. They don't touch on the art of it at all. At RIT, if you go the art route, you barely touch all the wonderful equipment they have in the cage.

    What do you want to concentrate on? Tech? Art? Photojournalism? They are very different routes. Personally, if you haven't had much photo experience, I'd take some local small-scale courses first before you try jumping into a degree. The business side of photography often isn't what people think it is. A friend of mine does a lot of commercial photography, and he spends very little time behind the camera. Most of it is spent designing the shot or running the business.

    This isn't to discourage you from photography, but to encourage you to have a good idea of what you are looking for.
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    Don't put down community colleges. Some of them are excellent. I know our local one has an amazing culinary program as an example - one of the best in the country for community colleges according to the American Culinary Federation. You would have a hard time telling the difference between the instruction there from some of the best culinary schools in the country. I studied baking and pastry there for a while and was blown away by what I learned.

    An old commercial shooter friend of mine now teaches photography full time at a community college in Brooklyn, NY. He is a very fine photographer and a great teacher. If other CC's have people of his caliber the instruction should be just fine.

    Why not check out the local program. It might be just what you are looking for.

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