Arizona Meetup?

Yes, depending on the proverbial schedule.
Maybe depnding on when and, where. Im up north myself. My problem is my work schedule is hectic most of the time.
Anyone interested in a meetup in early July? I know it will be hot, but we could meet in the morning at a central location.
That could be fun, but would certainly depend on work schedule. I'm in Phoenix.
I've got house guests for the first week, but Saturday July 12th looks like it would work well for me.
I was thinking about South Mtn - that's a pretty central location. But I'm open to suggestions.
I'm thinking of moving to tucson, not exactly sure when I would make it out there yet though.
Thanks, i'll have to do that!
Keep us posted. My schedule is erratic, but will try and attend. South Mountain is fine (hmmmm ... July on S. Mtn. .... where did I put that SPF 100?)

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