Arkansas Wilderness

Michael Dougherty

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Apr 19, 2009
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Buffalo National River, Arkansas
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Hello everyone. I am a new member from Buffalo River Region of NW Arkansas. This is a photographer's mecca, and one that remains largely unknown. I have a blog setup specifically to help other learn about this place and what it offers. The site is non-commercial.

My work is centered on this region, specifically the Upper Buffalo River area. After I first saw this place my wife and I relocated here within a year. It is absolutely an outstanding destination for nature photographers. Right now we are deep in wildflowers and waterfalls.

I look forward to participating in this forum. It is great to share information about life behind the lens.

Michael Dougherty
Ponca Wilderness, Buffalo National River
Hello there, MD, and welcome to TPF! I look forward to seeing you post here some of those wildflower and waterfall shots....they sound wonderful

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