ARRRGGHH!!! I've been accused of stealing an image!!!!

Thats very annoying, probably just some fool who thinks that they are funny. Anyway it looks like you put them in thier place :thumbup:

Great shots by the way :thumbup: New Mexico looks like a amazing place
no worries... they probably took 'the same' picture some other time

places like that are photographed by sooo many people and most of them look like duplicates unless you look reeeeaally close.
^^^Ditto the comments of Core_17 and Littleman. Note that Cablegal never wrote back in response to your invitation to put her money where her mouth is. People need to get their facts straight before making such an accusation. It's an awesome image, and one of which you're rightly proud. Try not to let her baseless allegation bug you.
The foolish person has probably seen a similar image elsewhere - after all, landscape photography is going to produce some very close calls sometimes. Don't worry about them too much, I doubt they'll come back.

Clearly this woman has nothing better to do than annoy other people. It would be fairly obviouse to anyone, that a competent photographer would never have the reason to use someone elses image..... there may be a case for a an unknown with familiar looking work... but she has already identified you as a good photog.... so she's just being stupid... or jealous maybe?!!
The fact she hasn't returned to the blog to defend herself just shows her worth, i wouldn't let it bother you.... but the statement should be deleated from the site if she's not going to expand on how she came to the conclusion. :mrgreen:
You have good proof and she's obviously not going to write back after you made her look stupid - well done! lol..

Don't worry about it nothing will happen, and if it does then you have proof that the photo is yours!
Don't sweat it, you know you took that image AND have proof, not to mention after doing the detective thing you've pretty much shut her up. I know this can be bothersome, but the folks who know you know you couldn't/wouldn't do what you were accused of.

Great shots by the way.

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