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    Well I'm currently going to the Art Institute of Vancouver. I'm 18 and Love Nature.
    I'm currently in my 4th Quarter. and once this Quarter is done I'll be half way done!!! yays.
    My program is Visual Effects for Film and Television. I'm having a blast. Especially because Next Quarter(Which is 11 weeks btw) I have Matte Painting class.
    I want to go in the direction of Matte Painter and Texture Artist.
    Matte Painting because I absolutely love photoshop, but Matte Painting is like finding photography. You need the same principals of Photography to be able to properly make a Matte Painting. Also, mostly Matte Painting is associated to photography, through not only using reference pictures to create a composition, but also use pictures to incorporate into the Matte itself.
    My Grandpa Taught me everything about Photography. And through school I've been able to hone those skills, especially in compositing.
    He was the one who gave me my first Photoshop Program. At the time when Photoshop Element 5 was CDN $127
    He got me hooked.
    Any questions about my school, what I know about the industry, Or if you know connections to my industry and wish to learn more about me. So maybe someday I may as everyone wishes to have, a job.
    Feel free to ask away :D

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    Welcome aboard.

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