Art of Photography by Trey Ratcliff


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Oct 5, 2012
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(Photo by Trey Ratcliff)

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Everywhere you go, there's a powerful photograph waiting for you - there's so much beauty in the world that's just waiting to be seen. Your photos should reflect this natural beauty instead of just following a bunch of composition rules. You have your own perspective on the world that can be extremely special and profound when brought to life through photography. You'll not only take much more compelling images this way, you will also find deeper meaning in your photography.

There's a reason this video series is called Art of Photography. Trey Ratcliff teaches you - from initial capture to post-processing - to use your own natural instincts of discovery and curiosity to create amazing photos. Other photography material might give you some neat technical tricks, but Trey gives you a framework on how to discover and amplify the natural beauty in the world using your own distinct style - a skill that will drastically improve any photo you take.

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