Article about me & my photography on

Dude, you live a charmed life!!! Good on you for the idea for you business and for having friends in high places...
Thanks for the comments!

@craig -- I hope it takes off as well, been doing it for about 6 months now, got some TV coverage back in Dec. that was a pretty neat experience
Nice job, Josh... people dream of publicity like this.

I love how they call you an entrepreneur, and not just a photographer. If more photographers thought of themselves this way, more of them would be successful.

You might consider turning this article into a direct mail piece (a one-pager, even; one side with the other, the other side with samples & contact information, etc.)... then mail it out to locals who have some money to burn.

You could probably even triple your prices and market it to the super-wealthy.

Good luck.

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