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Artistic Baby Pictures


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Jan 25, 2008
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Granger, IN
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Was recently contacted to shot a couples baby and they are wanting as she stated "artistic baby pictures". What in everyone's opinion would "artistic" be? If anyone has any examples it would be great if I could see them. I was thinking like the baby in a really vintage hat box with flowers, or possibly in a vintage suitcase with flowers and some type of covering in the suitcase.

Why don't you ask them what they consider "artistic". Everyone elses opinion is one thing but each person might have a different idea of what they consider "artistic".
Welcome to the forum.

I agree with JIP, just ask them what they have in mind. It may be something as simple as selective coloring...which clients seem to love and photographers seem to hate.
Do you have a consultation set up to discuss the portraiture? We do that with EVERY session, so the client can see our style and we can learn what they really want.

Without the consultation you're left hanging - it might just be "not like Sears". It could also mean Black & White. But you'll never know if you don't have a way to find out.
Thank you very much for all of your comments. This is first forum that I have found that would even answer a question without someone talking to you like your idiot for asking such a stupid question. :thumbup::thumbup:;)

We have a consultation set up for later this week and we will just flat out ask them what they had invisioned. We pretty much knew all of your answers it just helps hearing someone say the same thing we were thinking, that has been in the business longer then a few months.
One question you can use is "What is the most important thing to you about these photographs?" If you can get a clear idea as to that answer, it will help you prepare some ideas.
I just did a 6 week olds pictures and the mom wanted unique pictures...different than that in regular studio. I mentioned doing some with their wedding rings and she loved it. It may be pretty common with professionals but not usually with regular studios (Sears etc.)

Posted the wrong pic for the last one, the non edited version (I clones out the white specks and burned the BG on the one she is getting).



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